May 29, 2014

Getting Medicines Where They Need to Be: GHLI Visits Mozambique

Shirin Ahmed, Program Manager, GHLI

“Let’s just do it, let’s move the medicines from where they are to where they are needed,” we heard as we sat in the Coca-Cola Sabco office in Maputo, Mozambique. As we spoke to more people to understand how Coca-Cola is supporting distribution of medicines in Mozambique, we learned of others who have been inspired to contribute to this work. One private transporter donated two of his trucks for this project after witnessing the positive impact of the work in the country.

The continued need to get essential medicines to hard to reach areas, combined with a culture of wanting to give back to the community, have been a driving force with this project’s partners – which include the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Ministry of Health in Mozambique.  

The partners successfully work together in several provinces in Mozambique, covering almost 60% of the country. But, implementation has come with its own set of challenges, including resistance at the local levels and time management for those involved in the project. However, as one team member emphasized that “learning how one operates and adjusting yourself but keeping the focus on what needs to be done” has allowed the project to move forward.

The partners hope to leverage other parts of Coca-Cola’s capacity and expertise to further expand the sustainability of the project. And, GHLI plans to be there to continue to observe how the project grows and adapts to better meet the country’s needs. 

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