July 13, 2015

“Providing Equitable Health Care the U.K. Way”

Modupeore Shenbanjo, 2015 GHLI UK Fellow

Before becoming a graduate student at Yale, I worked as a research assistant in adolescent medicine where I observed multidisciplinary teams caring for patients struggling with eating disorders, drug addictions and teen pregnancy. I often heard in my classes at Yale about how the National Health Services (NHS) provides equitable health care at the point of service. And, now I’m able to see firsthand how the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust ensures that no one “falls through the cracks” of health care. 

In my role as a GHLI Fellow, I have been able to interact with the trust management, divisional directors, general managers, service coordinators as well as consulting physicians to assess surgical theatre efficiency such as investigating reasons for late start times for the first patient of day and blockages to quick turnovers in between patients. 

Through various conversations within the trust, it is evident that not only health professionals, but also the general public are proud of their health system and are determined to ensure they continue to meet the expectations of their citizens. 

While observing a surgical procedure, I was impressed at how nurses as well as clinical support workers ensured that each surgery had all the necessary equipment and anticipated possible complications. I also noted that even in a specialty as busy as surgery, senior staff members understood the value of good management and leadership to ensure the needs of each staff member is met and to ensure they create an environment that continues to support learning. 

I have been able to utilize my past research skills, as well as my knowledge gained from my courses in order to collaborate with consultants and investigate the root causes leading to surgical starts and cancelations. It’s been an exciting, informative journey thus far.

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